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Pymetrozine TC

This product belongs to triazinone or pyridine insecticides. It has a high controlling effect on Piercing-sucking pests on many crops. It has contact and systemic activity. In the plants, it can translocate not only in xylem but also in phloem, so it can be applied as a foliar spray, also can be applied as soil treatment. Due to its good translocation properties, the new branches and leaves can also be effectively protected after foliar spraying.

Application crops:
Vegetables, Wheat, Rice, Cotton and Fruit trees

Controlling spectrum:
It can control many insects from Aphidoidea, Delphacidae, Aleyrodidae, Cicadellidae such as cabbage aphid , cotton aphid, wheat aphid, peach aphid, smaller green leaf hopper, planthopper, sweet potato whitefly and greenhouse whitefly, etc.

Pymetrozine TC

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