Technical Products

Emamectin Benzoate TC

The product is a new semisynthetic antibiotic insecticide made from Abamectin. It is the only one effective and environmental insecticide and acaricide which can replace the five high toxic pesticides. It has the properties of broad controlling spectrum, non-residue, high selectivity, stomach poisoning, contact contacting poisoning. It is has broader controlling spectrum than abamectin. Its insecticidal activity is 100 to 200 times higher than Abamectin and toxicity is two to three orders of magnitude lower than Abamectin. The product can control hard resistant Lepidoptera insects.

Application Crops:
Vegetables, Tobacco, Tea, Cotton, Fruit trees, etc.

Controlling spectrum:
The product is highly active against Mites and Coleoptera, Lepidoptera insects. It has outstanding controlling activity to resistant Lepidoptera insects, Target pests include such as Diamondback moth, Cotton bollworm, Beet armyworm, Tobacco armyworm ,fall armyworm, Hornworms, Potato beetles, and Curinus coeruleus, etc.

Emamectin Benzoate TC

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